Europalace Žilina

The Europalace Žilina is complex located on important traffic route of the Žilina city in northern Slovakia. Žilina district is one of the most developed regions in Slovakia and City of Žilina is the main industrial hub of upper Vah river basin region with the fast growing economy as North-West Slovakia’s business centre with large retail and construction sectors. The property is located near important traffic route in Žilina, Ulica Vysokoskolakov and the entire area is characterized by its dynamic development in recent years and it will probably become the largest retail zone in Žilina in the future. Also the property is considered to become the gate to the largest residential area called Vlčince with about 20,000 residents.

Europalace is designed as mixed use complex offering shopping, living and entertainment services. It consists of:
– 2 residential blocks (residential tower with 22 floors and residential block with 8 floors). Together they provide 128 quality flats.
– Sport and relax services on the 3rd floor
– Office space on the 4th floor
– 3 underground floors offer parking facility for cca 570 cars
– Shopping centre on the 1st and 2nd floor. Retail space for about 25 retail units.


Ulica Vysokoskolakov

Catchment area:

Žilina: 157.000 Region: 250.000

Opening date:


Key Facts:
GLA: 5.500 m²
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