(English) Oviesse- OVS signed for new two level retail space within the Shopping Center Supernova Zadar

(English) Italy’s leading men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing brand with over 900 clothing stores in Italy and worldwide, will open its first store in the Zadar region.

Žao nam je, ne postoji prijevod na raspolaganju za ovaj proizvod još Američki Engleski.

(English) OVS is the first clothing brand in Italy having a leading market share in the woman, man and kid segment. With 150 million visitors per year, it´s the brands aim to provide its clients an up to date shopping experience, starting from the expositive layout and store’s architecture.

(English) OVS mission is to give everyone, every day, the freedom to dress in the Italian style at the best possible price. OVS stores can be found in city centres, residential areas and shopping malls. OVS’ innovative store concept emphasises the transformation of a brand which is constantly innovating in its style, language and dialogue with customers.

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