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For organizations who are seeking for the best opportunities across CEE and SEE, DEER provide tailored strategic expertise in challenging retail market

DEER is a leading specialized retail consultancy company that offers comprehensive portfolio of services to tenants and investors across Central East and South East Europe.

Whether you are entering the market or have a well-established presence, and whether you are looking to invest, buy, sell, let or rent retail property, DEER will ensure the best expertize that will enhance your business.


We go far beyond facilitating real estate transactions and are passionately dedicated in delivering value beyond expectations to our clients.


    We operate on local, national and international markets and give our clients proven concepts and development strategies that create desired catchment attractions to retail businesses.

  • 1 MIO SQM

    From strategic advises to disposals, lettings and acquisitions, from High Street locations to Shopping Centers, we have been built up an enviable track record of deals and sqm across region.


    We have large network of tenants that ranges from small to high volume portfolios. We treat each of our retail partner with commitment, energy and with full respect. Our long term partnerships and repeating work inspires us to give more than expected.


    We support owners, investors and landlords from all over the world in building new or investing in current retail project across the region. We create basis for our investor clients to gain attractive return on investment through different services we provide.


    Our experience in retail business for decades, local knowledge and specialized expertize  give confidence to our clients to choose us as no 1 partner, and we are highly proud on that. That gives as motivation and obligation to always give additional value and results beyond expectations

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