08 January 2018.

New premium fashion retailer- XYZ and enlarged Sportina store at Shopping Center Supernova Zadar this year

These two popular brands from the Sportina group family will occupy two floors and an area of about 1.700 square meters.

The XYZ Fashion Store concept has exclusive high fashion brands and variety of offerings for male and female. This 800 sqm shop will be located on the ground floor of the extended part of Supernova Zadar and will for sure attract many fashionistas. XYZ aim to excite and delight their customers with great brands, a carefully curated approach, and an intimately personal touch, where each piece is carefully selected and handpicked.
A leading multibrand store chain- Sportina store will be located right above the XYZ store, on the first floor of the extended part of the Supernova Zadar. On the 900 sqm surface area, casual fashion selection will be offered to man and woman looking for the world’s most recognized and prominent mid-price range casual fashion brands, as well as a wide variety of fashion-related content.

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