14 December 2017.

Proteini si. to relocate soon at Supernova Garden Mall in Zagreb

By the beginning of next year, through January 2018. Proteini si. will move from the current location to a space of over 50 sqm on the first floor.

This popular sport’s brand is not just selling sports nutrition and nutrition supplements, but carries a mission to become an ambassador of healthy and sporting lifestyle, and certainly enriches the Garden Mall offer variety. They want to be different from the existing sports grocery store and to offer their customers the highest choice of the best quality sports nutrition products and want people to identify with the brand and become a synonym for a healthy, sporty, and enjoyable way of life.
Proteini si. are currently regionally present in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Austria. They have 5 shops within shopping centers in Croatia in Split, Zagreb and Rijeka.

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