04 December 2017.

New leasing concept and tenant mix soon in Supernova Zadar: Many new tenants and relocation or expansion of existing retail space is in the final phase

New leasing concept and tenant mix soon in Supernova Zadar: Many new tenants and relocation or expansion of existing retail spaces is in the final phase.

Leasing process of new concept of Supernova Zadar is completed and the last contracts signings with existing and new tenants are coming to end. Supernova Zadar with its new extension will get additional 17.500 square meters and 250 new parking spaces, which will make the total area of 33.000 square meters and 1700 parking spaces. Thus, Supernova Zadar will become one of the largest shopping centers in Croatia and beyond. The new tenant mix that is expected in the spring of 2018 will bring many novelties and a much richer offerings and content.

Bubamara will move from the current location on the first floor to the first floor of the new extended part of Supernova Zadar taking the retail space of over 260 sqm

This well-known brand of children’s equipment, toys and all the accessories needed for children and future moms will be relocated to the larger space of the Supernova Zadar extension which is currently under the final construction phase.

Optika Anda, one of the leading optic chains, will open its first store at Supernova Zadar next year

Optika Anda is the leading optical chain in Croatia, featuring 20 stores across the country. On the first floor of the extension, on the surface of about 110 sqm, one of the largest and best equipped optic store will open its doors for Supernova’s visitors.


International retailer- Teezenis will expand for more than double

The network of stores featuring underwear, homeware and pajamas for men, women and children will remain at their current location in Supernova Zadar but will extend and will soon have approximately 216 sqm. Nowadays there are more than 300 Teezenis stores in Italy and more than 100 in other countries.

Calzedonia will move to the new location occupying the same surface as before

An Italian fashion brand, with over 1,750 stores worldwide will remain in Supernova Zadar on an area of ​​around 80 sqm but will move to an attractive location within the ground floor of the current Shopping Center Supernova Zadar.


The renowned world sports brand Nike will be enlarged and relocated to extension 

Nike will go from the existing location to the new part of Supernova and will welcome their loyal customers in the new store interior. They will also increase their retail space so in the spring they will have over 250 sqm and have even richer and more diversified offer of sports footwear and accessories.

Lonci i poklopci- new attractive entry in Supernova Zadar

On the surface of more than 110 sqm, the famous Croatian shop and multibrand store of the world’s leading dishes manufacturers will open their doors for the first time in Supernova Zadar. Beautifully decorated space and rich offer positioned on the first floor of the extended part of Supernova zadar will surely cheer up all the lovers of premium dishes.

Froddo to open its doors for the first time in Supernova Zadar

The new part of Supernova Zadar will satisfy the tastes of all parents looking for the best choice for children’s footwear. On a surface of over 90 sqm, the popular domestic children’s shoes manufacturer – Froddo, will also open in a new section of the Supernova Zadar.

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