15 November 2017.

Kaptol Center and Branimir Center soon be sold to Austrian Supernova Group

Two multifunctional centres in Zagreb could soon become part of the Supernova Group. The mixed use concepts could be refurbished with a focus on convenience stores and gastronomy.

After the recent purchases of Garden Mall, Cvjetni Shopping Center and Retail Parks in Sisak, Koprivnica and Požega respectively, the Supernova Group started negotiations of buying two new attractive shopping destinations in Zagreb – Branimir Center and Kaptol Center.
Branimir Center is located in the center of Zagreb. It is a mixed-use center with the Hotel, cinema, several shops and gastronomy.
A multifunctional facility, Kaptol Center could become much more than just a shopping destination. Multiple content under one roof, including five modern cinemas and other entertainment venues, such as bars, restaurants, a children’s playroom and many stores would surely attract Zagreb citizens and tourists alike.

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