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15 November 2017.

The trends of today’s future: How gastronomy has shifted shopping centres to create new opportunities

The impact of the gastronomy industry on retail property growth is rising substantially. When properly implemented, foodservice drives shopper traffic, dwell time, spending and overall sales growth of retail properties.

In recent years, we have seen a change in consumer habits. Entertainment and leisure activities are an important part of everyday life, and eating out is becoming increasingly popular. Today’s shoppers are no longer the same as five, and especially 10, years ago. Now they live in a rush and are looking for one place that meets all of their needs. So when it comes to shopping, they expect to have a bit of relaxation and special moments with friends and family.

Shopping centers, or any other shopping destination, today are no longer simply places where people shop. They have now become a zone for enjoyment. That is why shopping destinations must adapt to these changes and offer their visitors a full range of experiences. Well-configured and complementary dining and socializing areas are one of the most effective ways to incorporate diversity and vitality into shopping destinations.

According to several recent studies, there has been an evident increase in the gastro sector in shopping malls. In many developed European economies, and especially in the United States, it accounts for 10% or more of the total area. The choice of shopping destinations is increasingly influenced not only by a variety of the fashion offer, but also by the gastronomic options (40% of visitors base their choice of shopping center primarily on the available dining options – and not on the variety of other stores). Many surveys show that shopping centers that have food zones have higher incomes than other so-called genuine retail zones. At such shopping centers, customers will also stay longer and spend more money in retail shops.

Supernova is always thinking “out of the box” to provide a comprehensive shopping experience with many different options for its visitors. That is why one of the greatest new features with new added value in the extended portion of Supernova Zadar will be a new gastronomic destination- food court. This attractive indoor plaza will open in the spring of 2018. It will have many renowned gastro brands and offer single- point and self-service, a common dining area and a terrace. McDonald’s, Foodie, Wok me, Pasta Fasta, Mex, Aladin Kebab and Picardi will be part of the 800 m² food court, which will be located on the first floor of the extended portion of Supernova Zadar.
Kaptol Center also has great potential for becoming a gastronomic destination and will certainly have to take into account this very important component in future redesign plans.

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