15 November 2017.

The countdown is on to the new holiday concept at Supernova Zadar: First Christmas Fair to begin on November 16 th

Supernova once again stepped into creating new content and added value for its customers. About 20 exhibitors will display a wide range of culinary delicacies and holiday d├ęcor over 600 m2 of fair space.

Supernova Zadar will soon host its first Christmas Fair. This concept will be unique in Croatia and beyond because it will offer guests an entirely new shopping experience during the holiday season. Traditional shopping combined with a special holiday atmosphere will allow visitors to shop and to relax at an indoor Christmas Market. They will be able to indulge in and enjoy the fragrant delicacies that will come from traditional Christmas wooden houses. Decorations, ornaments, souvenirs and all that is needed for the holidays will be offered at this fair as well. The Supernova Zadar Christmas Market will be open from November 16 to December 31. It is certain to attract many guests and tourists.

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