13 November 2017.

Bubamara to open in Shopping Center Supernova Koprivnica

In the spring of 2018, Bubamara will open its twelwth Croatian branch shop within Supernova Koprivnica.

Bubamara, a specialized retailer of children’s equipment and products for children and pregnant women, has been present on the Croatian market for eight years already. Their first shop was opened in 2009. within the Supernova Varaždin and they are now present all over Croatia. Supernova in Koprivnica will become a new home of approx 300 sqm shop and will have a wide range of products including children’s equipment, toys, children’s clothing and footwear, nursing and feeding products. Bubamara with its pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff will definitely be a new spot for many new families in Koprivnica.

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