27 October 2017.

Multibrand store- Fashion Point opened at Supernova Garden Mall

The new unique concept of multibrand shop- Fashion Point will offer world- renowned casual brands.

Lee Cooper, Timeout and KVL brands will now find their place on the first floor of the Supernova Garden Mall. More than 140 m² of modern retail space will be offered to both genders looking for casual style.

Since 1908, Lee Cooper has been fashionable in the fashion world with a focus on jeans. This British company was founded by Morris Cooper, a pioneer in the world of casual clothing.
Lee Cooper is a synonym for classic, authentic jeans for the last 100 years. Inspired by British culture and free life style.
Established in California in 1973, it is an international brand that through its design represents a unique California way of life and freedom of the spirit.
The vision of a group of young designers is to launch a brand that is available to anyone who wants to have modern casual clothing, classic models, great quality at affordable prices.
KVL Collection by KENVELO
KVL is a young international brand, which was initially a line of jeans and gradually developed into a brand with sportswear and accessories for men and women.
The KVL strategy is a constant change, so every day at store shelves can find new attractive products.

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