19 October 2017.

UP 2 PLAY playroom opened their doors for the first time in Cvjetni

Cvjetni shopping center will surely attract many families with its new entertainment content of a modern playroom for the youngest.

The UP 2 PLAY children’s playroom is a new innovative and creative space for children located on the first floor of the Cvjetni shopping center and will feature 200 m² of the unique modern decor and equipment.  Carefully designed program with qualified and dedicated staff will surely contribute to the additional  attractiveness of the Cvjetni itself and draw many families with children.

In addition to the elements that stimulate motor development, sensory and coordination (didactic toys and panels, interactive slides, labyrinths, trampolines, magnetic tents, soft elements), the UP 2 PLAY playroom also offers the content that contribute to cognitive and social skills development. This playful space for the little ones also offer variety of  thematic birthday parties, educational workshops, children’s fashion shows, workshops with interactive contents, story readings, drama plays and many more other activities.


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