07 September 2017.

TEDi – new player on Croatian retail market, opened its first two stores in Zagreb

German retail chain of consumer goods TEDi entered Croatia last week by opening its doors at Shopping Centers Supernova Garden Mall and Buzin.

TEDi decided to open its first stores in Croatia in the Supernova Centers and also they are planning to expand furthermore all across Croatia.

TEDi is one of the fastest growing retailers with more than 1,600 stores across Europe, at least 5,000 products on offer in each store and 11,500 employees in 6 countries around Europe.

TEDi promotes itself as a family-friendly neighbourhood supplier that is present not only in big cities but also in rural areas. They offer small prices and a wide selection. The extensive range is ideal for browsing and you will always find something you need: from the most practical everyday items to the crazy and fun items.
Besides daily household, party, DIY and electrical goods, their range also includes stationery, toys as well as drugstore and cosmetic products.

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