06 July 2017.

After many Croatian cities, regional children’s playroom – Twister Fun Park, will open its doors in Zadar

Shopping Center Supernova Zadar will for sure additionally increase its offering and attract more visitors, especially families and children.

Entertainment venues become new anchor tenants with high influence on the mall traffic. Shopping Centers are becoming a spot for entertainment for the whole family, not only for shopping purpose. Nowadays, families and children are seeking for quality destinations for their out-of-home leisure experiences and Supernova Zadar has recognized that trend.


Twister – regional brand and market leader – is an indoor playroom provider with proven concept specialized in children animation at Shopping Centers at highest level of safety, quality standards and innovation. Twister will be located on the first floor of the new part of Supernova Zadar which will open its doors in the middle of 2018.


This unique playroom will provide up to 600 sqm play area with variety of attractive facilities and modern equipment. It will offer service of complete child care, babysitting and supervision services while children are playing or at some of the events they organize.

One of the reasons why Twister became the number one in children animation is that their team offers a complete service in any part of children’s entertainment. Twister team organizes special thematic occasions and many other children events, not only in special designed event rooms but also outside the Twister Fun Park in the Shopping Center area.

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