04 July 2017.

Hybrid Project Supernova Koprivnica will soon expand its offer with new retailers

Over the last six months, Supernova Koprivnica was working on improving overall tenant mix and new openings.

Satisfied customers and creation of a tenant mix that will match the needs of the local market have always been the main focus of Supernova’s retail projects. Since Supernova included the Koprivnica shopping center to its family, several important changes have been made. Thus, at the beginning of the year, a new modern cafe bar – La Caffe – opened. Also, new retail player on the market – Pepco – has opened its store in the retail park area. Farmacia will open its doors in the shopping center area during summertime and Elipso will also open a new store on a surface of over 1000 m² in the retail park area. Outdoor children playground has been renewed and Sport Vision will soon change its current location and move from the retail park to the shopping center area.

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