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18 January 2017.

Q4/2016 Shopping Center turnover analysis by DEER: stable growth of the index marked in Croatia

According to the DEER market research and analysis for the last three months of 2016, total turnover recorded by the Index increased by 8.6 %, with December leading the way with an increase of 9.5 %.

Q4 of 2016 was the most successful part of the year for the retail industry in Croatia. Retailers achieved an annual turnover increase in of 8.6 % compared to 2015. Especially Retail Parks and Hybrid Centers recorded a double-digit growth of 10% compared to the previous year 2015.

Significant turnover growth in Q4 of 2016 in across all important categories but especially in the gastronomy sector, where a plus of nearly 11 % has been recorded . The greatest increase was registered in October (14 %). October was also exceptional in the fashion sector, in which it achieved the highest growth during the 4th quarter (11 %).

December has been a particularly good month for accessory sector, which recorded a growth in turnover of 26 % compared to 2015. According to research by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Croatian consumers spent more than € 1.6 billion in December, which is about 4 % more than the previous year.

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