18 November 2016.

Construction works of new upgrade of Supernova Zadar started this week

The largest shopping center in the County of Zadar and third in whole Dalmatia region will soon extend to total 67.770 sqm.

The long-awaited construction work of Supernova Zadar enlargement started this week.  New extension of  30.000 sqm will be placed on eastern part of current Shopping Center and will offer additional 250 parking spaces and plenty of new services and  retail brands like Mango and CCC.

Big novelty in expanded Supernova will be 800 sqm food court which will be positioned in the center of the 1st floor.

Currently more than 80% of additional space is already leased and plans to be completely covered by the opening which is planned for the Spring 2018.

Supernova Zadar


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